Congratulations on the further cooperation between RealMind Biotech and Roche Diagnostics

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2022-01-09 520

Congratulations on the further cooperation between RealMind Biotech and Roche Diagnostics

November 7th 2021, Nanjing RealMind Biotech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "RealMind") and Roche Diagnostics China (hereinafter referred to as "Roche") announced at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) that the two companies will move on to further the cooperation with each other. That is, by integrating the technical advantages from both parties, creating a strong synergy to promote the innovation and development in in-vitro diagnostic industry, therefore improving the overall medical service level in China.

Launching ceremony of RealMind and Roche’s cooperation.

In July 2021, RealMind and Roche officially announced their strategic partnership. That is, Roche will be the exclusive agent in mainland China of RealMind’s MCL60 fully-auto chemiluminescence analyzer, a core product of RealMind Biotech, along with its matching chemiluminescence assay kits (including cardiac biomarkers, inflammatory biomarkers, sexual hormones, thyroid function, stomach function,etc.) Combined with the existing product line of Roche Diagnostics, it has brought a more elaborated diagnostic solutions for laboratories and clinical departments, benefiting all Chinese patients. A few days ago, RealMind Biotech has started supplying MCL60 to Roche Diagnostics, and both parties have made a series of substantively progress.

In recent years, the demand for fast and convenient test in clinical and emergency testing has grown exponentially. Aside from that, the requirements for test performance and results accuracy is constantly increasing, driving the IVD test platform to continue to evolve.

MCL60 is a high-efficiency chemiluminescence immunoassay equipment. It supports various sample types such as whole blood, capillary blood, serum, plasma, etc. It is fully automatic, with a throughput of up to 144 tests/hour, and the first result is obtained in 13 minutes, which meets the clinical needs for flexible, convenient, accurate and efficient test, and has a wide range of application scenarios.

It integrates the advantage of chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) into a smaller platform, achieving high-precision, high-throughput, and miniaturized automatic CLIA testing. Traditional automatic chemiluminescence analyzers are generally of larger size and come with many accessories and high cost, therefore are usually only placed in central laboratories or emergency laboratories.

Roche has always adhered to the concept of 'From global, into China', by introducing the world's leading in-vitro diagnostic systems and solutions into China to meet the needs of the Chinese market for accurate and efficient testing. At the same time, through strategic cooperation with outstanding domestic enterprises, Roche explores innovative business models with its partners and seek to fill the gap in Chinese market. Together Roche and RealMind will promote the construction of an integrated IVD&treatment ecosystem in China.

Mr. Chen Jintian, Roche Diagnostics (China) Vice President, Professional and Molecular Diagnostics Department

Talking about this in-depth cooperation, Mr. Chen Jintian, Vice President of Roche Diagnostics China - Professional and Molecular Diagnostics Department, said:

"Roche Diagnostics is delighted to join hands with RealMind to start a new chapter of cooperation. We believe that with the deepening of our strategic cooperation, the two parties will work together to empower diagnostics and jointly improve the accessibility of high-quality diagnostic solutions in China, to truly achieve the goal of 'unite our strength and aim high'. In the future, Roche Diagnostics will continue to seek more local cooperation to accelerate the landing of more innovative in-vitro diagnostic technologies in China, and escort the health of more Chinese patients."

Specializing in fast and accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment, RealMind Biotech has always been dedicated on providing better medical service to all patients.

Jing Jin, Ph.D, founder of RealMind Biotech

Jin Jing, founder of RealMind Biotech, said:

"It is an honor to be present at the CIIE with our strategic partner, Roche Diagnostics, and to announce together the next step of our cooperation. In recent months, our cooperation has made a good start, and the first supply of MCL60 has been successfully delivered. I believe that, relying on Roche Diagnostics' operation model, marketing network and outstanding influence in China and global market, the in-depth cooperation between the us will in the future better meet the enormous diagnostic needs of clinical front-line workers and effectively improve the overall medical service level in our country."